Week 1

I do like both Guil and Nick, they both taught me a lot, but I can’t choose which one has the better teaching style. Having them back to back gave me a better perspective on how my mind interprets information. For example, Nick’a style is direct but through, and he made sure he explained pretty much everything. Therefore, Nick’s videos were longer and it made me push myself to stay focused during those videos. Guil goes at a slower pace, but he also gives you less detailed information. While Guil may not get super into detail, it’s only because it’s covered later on in a different video or track. Guil’s videos are shorter than Nick’s, but he also walks you through most of the steps, which slows down the pacing of his teaching. However, it’s beneficial to me because I use that to get ahead of him to make sure I know what I’m doing before he tells me what to do. In conclusion, both teaching styles are the yin and yang in my understanding.

Week 2

I’ve finally completed my lessons in HTML and have earned the title of HTML mage. I’m no expert but I am better than I thought I’d be. I now am under the guidance of CSS warrior Guile. I enjoy that he takes his time in teaching me things, unlike Nick he doesn’t use shortcuts. I know others that have taken his lessons didn’t necessarily like that, but I used that extra time to my advantage. I hope to progress in this even faster than HTML. When I finish this I will have the skills that I need to make my own HTML website to present before my superiors, I hope to make them proud.

Week 3

After completing my CSS training and earning my warrior status, I was thrown right into my first quest. I was to go and investigate a new creature that had made itself known to our community. My colleagues and I seemed to be the only ones with enough training to investigate what it was, so we were technically forced to do this, but I’m not complaining, I’m excited to be receiving a quest so early..although I had no idea what I was getting into. Here are my findings:

WordPress is an actual monster. It lures you in with pretty themes and layout, and ‘user friendly’ interface…but it’s all lies! It is in fact the most difficult thing I’ve encountered so far. It’s complicated and simple at the same time, a feature I believe that makes it so dangerous to mankind. Once does not simply slay wordpress, you have to break it down from the inside piece by piece before you can even think about conquering it. This is something that I have not yet achieved, but it seems my quest will reach an end, because I will slay this monster, I will conquer wordpress.

Week 4

I thought it would be appropriate to put an a pause in my epic tales of Empowered to talk about what was happening beforehand. I happened to be journeying the small town of Murray, Kentucky the first week of the program. I specifically stayed in an facility known as Murray State University. It seemed to be the heart of Murray and I was very impressed. I went with a group of travelers like myself, seeking a potential place to continue my educational career. I enjoyed myself there, I’d been kept busy the whole time so I was happy that I would be able to come to Glow Touch right afterwards. I’m a person that likes to keep busy, but in moderation. When it came time to leave the town of Murray, I was excited for the new journey to come.

Week 5

An update on my wordpress quest. I was unable to conquer the creature known as wordpress. I only managed to tame it. I was only seeing one head of wordpress, when there were six more. WordPress is a true hydra, but unlike most hydra, each core piece of it works together without conflict, making it a much stronger opponent. I was granted administrative privileges, which gave me tools that I didn’t even realize I needed to use. Unfortunately all of the other people who were trying to conquer the beast just as I was acquired these privileges as well. WordPress didn’t like that and went on an absolute rampage, rendering all of our weapons useless against it. Needless to say, we took a break from confronting the monster for a bit. When we went back at it our administrative privileges were removed, and we had to use what little we had to confront the monster. Slowly but surely I began to understand, that I wasn’t going to be able to conquer this beast in the amount of time that I had. Instead of trying to fight to get what I wanted out of it, I focused on better understanding it, which allowed me to tame it, and make the website function as I had envisioned.

When it came time to present to the court at Doe Anderson, I was much more comfortable with wordpress and confident in the product that we made with it. As far as presenting it went, I think it went well, the best part of it being that the court didn’t care about whether I had conquered wordpress or whether it was tamed, they were concerned about what we made of it, and they seemed rather pleased.

Week 6

We’re finally wrapping things up, everything is nearing a close. I’m almost finished with the full HTML website and another collab with the WordPress monster. We are getting along better and better, we’ve come a long way. I actually think I no longer have any interest in conquering WordPress, but I am now focused on understanding each snarling head that makes up the WordPress monster.