Week 1

I do like both Guil and Nick, they both taught me a lot, but I can’t choose which one has the better teaching style. Having them back to back gave me a better perspective on how my mind interprets information. For example, Nick’a style is direct but through, and he made sure he explained pretty much everything. Therefore, Nick’s videos were longer and it made me push myself to stay focused during those videos. Guil goes at a slower pace, but he also gives you less detailed information. While Guil may not get super into detail, it’s only because it’s covered later on in a different video or track. Guil’s videos are shorter than Nick’s, but he also walks you through most of the steps, which slows down the pacing of his teaching. However, it’s beneficial to me because I use that to get ahead of him to make sure I know what I’m doing before he tells me what to do. In conclusion, both teaching styles are the yin and yang in my understanding.

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