Week 5

An update on my wordpress quest. I was unable to conquer the creature known as wordpress. I only managed to tame it. I was only seeing one head of wordpress, when there were six more. WordPress is a true hydra, but unlike most hydra, each core piece of it works together without conflict, making it a much stronger opponent. I was granted administrative privileges, which gave me tools that I didn’t even realize I needed to use. Unfortunately all of the other people who were trying to conquer the beast just as I was acquired these privileges as well. WordPress didn’t like that and went on an absolute rampage, rendering all of our weapons useless against it. Needless to say, we took a break from confronting the monster for a bit. When we went back at it our administrative privileges were removed, and we had to use what little we had to confront the monster. Slowly but surely I began to understand, that I wasn’t going to be able to conquer this beast in the amount of time that I had. Instead of trying to fight to get what I wanted out of it, I focused on better understanding it, which allowed me to tame it, and make the website function as I had envisioned.

When it came time to present to the court at Doe Anderson, I was much more comfortable with wordpress and confident in the product that we made with it. As far as presenting it went, I think it went well, the best part of it being that the court didn’t care about whether I had conquered wordpress or whether it was tamed, they were concerned about what we made of it, and they seemed rather pleased.

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