Week 6

Working on the Future Up website has been slightly stressful (that’s an understatement), mostly because of the lack of content needed to create an outline of the website. Luckily, Sam pulled through and sent some info about the website along with getting admin access (thanks to Sasanjali) to our word press themes for the site. Within the first hour of having admin access, I was stressed out and angry at the fact that I didn’t know where to go to add the features I wanted on the website. Benevolent Pro is going to catch all the shade from me because they advertised, in their demo, a banner slideshow and IT WASN’T THERE. What complicated things more was that I went out of town for the whole week, so my partner had to figure out most of the things. Then, something technical happened where everyone had to get removed from admin access, and design the site as a user. My partner made some progress but it was a very difficult week for her. I’m not a big fan of wordpress or Benevolent Pro for obvious reasons but designing the Future Up website was a great learning experience for me.

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