Week 6

Being in this Empowered Program this summer has made me realize that fear can prevent people from doing something they possibly might love. A lot of people have a misconception of coding. I am also guilty as charge. People are afraid when they hear the words “coding” or “computer science”. It sounds scary. It’s the fact that it seems hard that gets people turned off from learning how to code. Specifically women. A lot of women in particular get discouraged from coding or think its not for them. It is not just their friends saying its hard the patriarchy of this society says ” a girl can’t do that”. Many women go for the “easier” and more social jobs because that is what society has  told them they are good at.  Like many other women i thought I was better in the social sciences. There isn’t wrong with going into social sciences but I was avoiding a another field I could possibly like even better. To be honest I was overwhelmed at first because I thought learning code will be like learning a foreign language and I was afraid of failing. A lot of people are also afraid to code because of ignorance. What do you exactly do when coding? This is the question one should ask instead of running away after hearing the word “coding”. We assume the person telling us that coding is hard is correct and do not even bother to check it out for themselves.  For me it was not easy. Learning HTML was rough. In contrast, Learning CSS  (took a lot of patience) helped me improve tremendously. I like it now especially because tools like Weebly, WordPress, and Wix makes it easier to make a website.

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