Week 6

In the Get Empowered program we just finished working on a project for an organizational called FutureUp. While working on this project we were able to experience many different things like working with a client to make a website. We also got to experience working with a partner. I had already felt confident with working with other people thanks to experiences I had had at school and other activities, but I was able to solidify my skills. This projects also allowed me to work on my presentation skills again, which is something I could always improve on.

I was also able to learn more about myself and learn that I do not like competition. I was further assured that I have held on to being the best so much in the past that I tear myself down when I am not. I remember seeing everyone else’s website and only thinking about how much better their’s was. I know that that isn’t the right think to be thinking about, but I don’t know what the right thing would be. I feel that this is really something that I need to work on and improve about myself.

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