Week 1

Four days ago I would have said that coding is a complicated topic that was for people who are good at math and can only be done with years of experience. Now, I would easily say that web design is not something that is complicated and even the most simple of people can learn to make a basic website in about 20 hours. I can say that I myself have done this. Along with this I would also encourage everyone to take up this hobby. It is something that can be used as a tool to connect your ideas to the world. In addition, in the past four days I have been inspired in other ways thanks to this program. Most importantly, I have been moved to take charge and not wait for opportunities to fine me. I will do this in many ways; such as, networking, but I will even use code to do this. I would like to put all of my ideas into action and begin to start the projects I have been long been sitting in my mind. This is a great start because it will allow me to share these ideas with the people around me. Throughout this week, I have also been told many stories of people who made technological innovations despite many setbacks. However, this may be inspiring and valuable, I wish to find stories of innovations that are social or political instead of scientific. Despite these being the types of changes I want to make, I feel they they are not as valued. Hopefully, I can learn how to be motivated to still undergo these projects.

Week 2

Week two has been great, it is surprising to see how much the program is improving each week. Despite this being the second week, there has been a lot new things: new inspirations, new connections, new ideas, and new reasons to be empowered. To start off the week, I was faced with a challenge. I was given the task of following up with the goals that I have set, something that is very new to me. I am beginning to try to accept things that are new thanks to this program and that in itself is following through with personal goals that have set for myself.

Throughout the week, we were present with many guest speakers, but none as inspiring as the one we heard from a fellow coworker. Unlike other programs I have been in, I feel that this one in particular will actually be a place that will support trust and, as cliche as it may be, friendship. It is not only the invigorating coding that have proven to be empowering, but also the people that sit right across the room from us everyday.

Week 3

This week has been a week of realization for me. There are many things that I have learned about myself thanks to the people I work with. Imposter syndrome for example, a term that describes the feeling when you do not believe that you are good enough. I realized that this is something that is very prominent in my life, yet it is only a term that I have just heard about. I have also realized that this is the first time that I have done something and not given up when it seemed impossible. I can not take credit for this, it is only thanks to the people I work with. Nonetheless, I have realized that coding is hard and frustrating and almost seems impossible, but it is not something to give up on.

Week 4

Hello! Week four has come to an end and I am more than half way done with this program, work is starting to pile on, but I am also starting to learn even more and overcome obstacles that I didn’t even know I had before this program. I have learned how to get the motivation to take charge of what happens in my life. There are many things that can allow me to do this.

One thing that I can do is set goals and organize myself in a way that allows me to easily manage and hold myself accountable for projects that I am working on. I can also begin to take more chances and not be afraid to be in uncomfortable situations. Telling myself that nothing mad will happen and having hope for once would allow me to get a lot farther than only worrying about the bad things that could happen. Logistically, I need to focus on networking and meeting people with the intention of making an good impression. The most important lesson that I have learned thus far is that I won’t always know everything when entering a job or project, but that is okay because I should never underestimate myself and what I can do.

Week 5

There is is something scary about knowing yourself. Mostly because there are many different levels to this: understanding that there is a you, knowing where that comes from, passing the mirror test, ect. However, the most terrifying level of this is acceptance. I used to, and honestly still do this, hang on to being the best at things and rejected myself when I wasn’t. This has ultimately torn me apart and brought me down my whole life. Until recently I never know I thought this way, and until the past few weeks I have never fought it.

This program has made me fight it. I am having to do coding which is something that I so not know how to do and something that has not been easy for me, and I am not the best. I still have to do it and I am learning how to not be angry with it all the time and get frustrated. This is very important yet difficult for me, but I am excited that I am getting this experience and skill out of this program.

Week 6

In the Get Empowered program we just finished working on a project for an organizational called FutureUp. While working on this project we were able to experience many different things like working with a client to make a website. We also got to experience working with a partner. I had already felt confident with working with other people thanks to experiences I had had at school and other activities, but I was able to solidify my skills. This projects also allowed me to work on my presentation skills again, which is something I could always improve on.

I was also able to learn more about myself and learn that I do not like competition. I was further assured that I have held on to being the best so much in the past that I tear myself down when I am not. I remember seeing everyone else’s website and only thinking about how much better their’s was. I know that that isn’t the right think to be thinking about, but I don’t know what the right thing would be. I feel that this is really something that I need to work on and improve about myself.