Week 1

I’m Jamia, and I think of myself as a relatively friendly person who’s extremely flexible in conversation and pretty confident in platonic relationships. Formalities out of the way, first day, even though I met and greeted one of the girls at the front door of the building, the silence in the cubical area of the department killed my confidence. Alright, that was mostly an exaggeration, but that silence really was extreme. It shut up any chances to give my introductions which I mentally repeated at least a dozen and one times on the walk from the building’s parking lot to the department on the second floor. I am getting to know the girls though, and I just love their quickness to pick up on a nickname for me since I’ve always wanted to be called Jay, but unfortunately the silence looks like it’s not going to be leaving anytime soon. Just insert ‘dread’ emoji right here, but I won’t really be saying anything else that I find bad–except the cold, I’m telling you I’m bringing a blanket next week–so as for everything else, I find it all alright. I’m curious and ready to learn new things, especially coding, so I find Treehouse alright, boring sometimes, but alright as long as Empowered continues to space out our time spent on it. For motivation purposes, I’ll just keep toying with the idea of building the website of a small business that my parents own, and for the purposes of keeping myself awake, I’ll continue to remember that I’m being paid to learn. Now, there’s this ‘best decorated cubicle’ contest next week, and I got both the beat and most cost efficient idea! I mean, I still don’t know about it being a “positive vibes only” theme, so I’ll keep working on it. Until next week.