Week 1

The most enjoyable part of Empowered thus far has not necessarily been one experience, rather the people who are part of the program. Everyone allows them self to be vulnerable in learning such a difficult “language”, while also having fun. When we get a chance to talk, we learn more about each other, and it is honestly an inspiration. Seeing others who look like me, all having dreams and aspirations, taking steps to better their future is amazing. If I could change one thing about this opening week would have been Treehouse. The program itself is interesting, but it gets tiring and sometimes frustrating. Although sometimes I don’t like it, when I get home I talk endlessly to my parents about the things I’ve learned.

The most exciting news of the week was the cubicle decorating contest. The theme of “positive vibes only” will bring some life into this office building/ cubicle. I am thinking about doing a zen vibe, with the colors of pink and yellow. When I’m taking breaks from Treehouse, I’m on Pinterest looking for ideas. Hopefully, everything will come together.