Week 1

The first week of coding was a little bit of a headache. Yes i know some coding so some of it was review, but the part that wasn’t review i would say was the headache. But before I had started coding  this week I was a little worried, and this was because I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I had no idea what I would be working on and who I would be working with. I knew that I had some background in making websites but I thought it wasn’t going to help me.  But even if i didn’t have a background in making websites already it would not have mattered because you don’t need to know anything about coding. Everyone was starting with no knowledge about coding. On the first day that I actually started working with the code it was good because it was mostly review, but the second day  was a different story because I started working on newer things. The videos we watched showing us how to code were of a man, Nick. Nick would sometimes talk too  fast and i would fall behind. That was frustrating. After getting a rhythm it became easier. But, after the first week I feel better about all of it. But some things i have learned are “Fortune Favors the Brave” , “Stay Calm, Code On” , and “Help is always closer than you think”. BE EMPOWERED.

Week 2

It is the end of week two of Empowered and it was a success. We have had many speakers so far but the one speaker who left the most of an impact on me, I would say, was Sravya. She made me realize that being a woman, I will face some challenges because I am a minority, being an african american AND a woman. But by being empowered I can overcome it. She taught me that I have to approach something more maturely and to also communicate clearly. Another thing that I had learned from her was that when I have a problem, for example, with some coding I should first try it and think about it so when I go to ask a question or go get help, I can show that I didn’t give up, I tried first.

Week 3

This week I was out of town and missed a lot that happened in the office, like speakers and meetings. Also I missed a lot of time that I could have used to work on my websites. I thought that I would have a lot of time to work while I was on vacation but I was wrong. It was really frustrating because I thought I could get ahead while on vacation but actually I got behind everyone. It took me a couple days to catch up with everyone. It took me a couple days to catch up with everyone.

Week 4

So far in empowered I have gone  over html and css but now I am starting wordpress. WordPress is not my favorite thing at the moment because I can’t do everything that I want to my websites because I don’t have admin access to change certain things like the color of my title or its color. Even though I’m not the most happy about wordpress I am making the most out of it.

Week 5

Right now I am officially starting my Future Up website. Future Up is the new Jefferson County Public Education Foundation. We are making a website for their rebranded foundation. Since I missed the meeting with Future Up about what they wanted on the website, I don’t really know where to start. It is a little frustrating but I just need to ask the other girls what I have missed and then work with what I got.

Week 6

So it is the day before I present my website for Future Up to Future Up and Doe Anderson. I am very worried because I want them to like my product because I put a lot of effort into it. I have practiced my presentation twice with my partner and have gotten feedback. We have taken the feedback and fixed our presentation and website. I hope that the website is good enough and has everything that they want. It was kind of hard to do this website because Future Up didn’t give us any content. What we were given were snipets of words that would not make up a website. But we weren’t given this information until two day before our presentation, so I hope my website is good enough.