Week 1

On the very first day, the only word to describe the morning was awkward.  Everyone was trickling in one by one, just staring at each other with sleep still in our eyes.  We didn’t start until minutes after the original time they told us to be there, which I didn’t mind at all. I was able to get some more sleep.  The program we were starting on needed all the participants to have their library card and none of us did. So, of course we took a small field trip to the closest public library to go get them.  I tried to find a good book to read while we waited for everyone to obtain their card, but sadly wasn’t able to.

Lunch is thirty minutes, an aspect that all schools should take note of and enact, giving us all time to talk and loosen up around each other.  I think we played an ice breaker game, but let’s be honest, I don’t know what I had for breakfast this morning (today is: 06/13/19). Treehouse isn’t as bad, so far, but it is getting deeper and more intense, the more videos I watch.

I find technology comes very easy for me and I can figure out the basics of it quickly and efficiently, so I believe I won’t have any major problems. Besides that jinx, the week was pretty amazing with the girls being fun and chill people to connect with and the work not being demanding in any way. Wednesday is now my favorite day because the location site company caters food and this week we had…wait for it…Shiraz! Ugh, it was the best. If nothing else works out for me in the future, I’m going to try out being a food critic or blogger, since I’ll be able to make my own website after this summer, hopefully.