Week 1

Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day for four days and doing something I have never done is literally the most exciting thing I have done this summer. My expectation was I knew what I was getting myself into. I know some of my classmates  who code and the thought of code scared me. On the other hand, I was excited because I never had a job before; As a result, I knew I shouldn’t stress too much because I would learn how to do it on the job. The reality of it all is-  am struggling like the company Uber; however, my mindset has changed for I honestly believe I can actually do this.

My mindset has changed because before all of this I thought I would never even dabble  in the STEM field after the rough experience I had freshman year (oh the horror).  Now I may not be a computer scientist after this or a coding whiz but I know my skills are expanding and I can’t wait to tell people that I code. It is actually easy(ish) once I pay attention to detail and relax. I know I am behind but I’m excited to learn CSS next week and I may be the last one to get it but I will complete my website by the end of seven weeks (on my dear ol’ popeyes chicken I will) On the bright side, everyone and the work is pretty chill.

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