Week 2

What I love about Treehouse is that I get to have someone teach me how to program instead of having no interaction whatsoever and just reading text all day. Nick, at first, was very informative and helpful; I enjoyed all the shortcuts and tips he gave when I started out with html and css. However, Nick just kept rushing the lessons and I just felt hurt that he wasn’t taking his time with our relationship (sigh). Once I got done with the website lesson, I was ready to let Nick go and fall into the arms of another instructor. Before I started with Guil, I was so excited to leave Nick and be with someone who isn’t as fast-paced and uncaring, but Guil wasn’t any better either. Guil, oh Guil. Maybe it’s because I was so used to living in the fast lane with Nick, but man, Guil is so slow. I don’t mind learning (reviewing) basic steps to visually customize my website, but Guil takes the longest route to teach a simple concept, I’m already five steps ahead of him. Guil is very chill and relaxed, so that’s probably why he is so obsessed over this Lake Tahoe/California website. Even though my online mentors aren’t the best speakers or use the best methods, I still look forward to learning new techniques to making my website “aesthetically pleasing”.

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