Empowered Program Manager

Job Description:

Empowered Inc is a 501c3 Non-profit entity founded to educate and train minority high-school girls on web-based technology skills including web design and development. Empowered’s goal is to create a virtuous cycle of girls helping the women entrepreneurs with their technology needs while creating a positive impact for both. Empowered connects the girls with small businesses in the community, preferably ones run by other minority women.

Empowered’s training program is specifically for young women in the community with an interest in computer science, who would normally not have access to technology learning opportunities. Empowered has created a training program in which the students will take a small business and formulate a business plan and implement a web site for the business.  These students will use curriculum from TreeHouse or The Software Guild to gain the training needed for designing web design and graphic design.  We offer training and mentorship through our employee base in the office and will be partnering with high schools within the Jefferson County Public School systems.

Candidates considered for the role of Empowered Program Manager are preferably a High School or College teacher in the fields of Math, Science or Technology with an interest in Computer Science. Empowered will also consider candidates who are not teachers if you are passionate about our program and encouraging minority girls to pursue STEM careers and learn about business and technology tools.

The ability to work through online learning platforms is a bonus. Hands on technical knowledge not required but would be beneficial during the program.

 Daily Responsibilities:

  • Supervising a cohort of 10 girls
  • Leading team-building activities
  • Offering problem solving techniques and strategies
  • Coordinating with speakers
  • Planning occasional short field trips

This is a summer position with the program running from June 3rd to August 2nd.  Hours will be Monday through Friday (9a-5p).

Salary offered: $18/hr

Please submit any resumes to Vikki Karrer (Office Administrator) at victoria@glowtouch.com